Freedom Model List

Freedom Model List

Postby GeoffSchultz » Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:21 pm

Updated list.....

Production dates and numbers would be great if you have them. I have placed an .RTF version of this list under files calles FreedomListVersion-1.rtf Dowbload it, add you info and same it as -2 etc.

F-20 Mull - Freedom Independence
F-21 Hoyt Cat Ketch w. light air Jib option. Gun-Mount Spinnaker. Shoal or deep fin keels.
F-24 Bill Tripp Cat Sloop
F-25 Hoyt Cat boat with Wing-Mast & Gun-Mount Spinnaker. Fin keel.
F-25 Hoyt Cat Sloop with conventional boom, small jib option & Gun-Mount Spinnaker. Fin keel.
F-27 F25 looking boat in UK market ??
F-28 Hoyt/Jay Paris Cat Ketch (main mast far forward). Wrap around sails and Wishbones at first - comventional booms later. Full keel, with additional shoal keel add on.
F-28 Mull Cat Sloop (1986) Gun-Mount Spinnaker.
F-29 Hoyt Cat Sloop, Gun-Mount Spinnaker.
F-30 Mull Cat Sloop w. Gun-Mount Spinnaker (1986).
F-30 Hoyt UK F-28 stayed in production longer.
F-32 Hoyt (Later 80's) Mull F30 Cat Sloop, Gun-Mount Spinnaker, added Suger Scoop.
F-32 Hoyt Cat Sloop ,Gun-Mount Spinnaker.
F-33 Hoyt/Jay Paris Cat Ketch. Mainmast far forward. Wrap around sails and Wishbones at first - comventional booms later. Shallow full keel with Centerboard, later (fulltime) Fixed Keel add-on, there were supposedly a few Fin Keels. Wrap around sails and Wishbones at first - comventional booms later.
F-35 Hoyt UK same as F-33 US, sayed in production longer.
F-35 David Pedrick 1993
F-36 MullCat Sloop or Ketch, Gun-Mount Spinnaker
F-38 Mull - Same as 36 but with sugar scoop swim platform
F-39 Ron Holland - Pilothouse Schooner
F-40 Hoyt/Herreshoff Cat Ketch 1976
F-40/40 David Pedrick Cat Sloop
F-42 Mull Cat Sloop
F-44 Hoyt/Herreshoff Cat Ketch
F-45 Up to #54 Mull - Same as 42 but with sugar scoop
F-60(66?) Hoyt Prototype 3 Masted Cat schooner/ketch. Wrap around sails and Wishbones.

Gary Hoyt founded Freedom Yachts in 1976 with the F-40, he sold Freedom Yachts in 1985 after some slow years. He used naval architects from the Herreshoff design offices for his early designs. Tillotson-Pearson
brought Gary Mull on board as designer for a new series af great sailing but awfully conventional looking boats. David Pedrick designed for the (again) new owners starting in the mid 90's after Tillotson-Pearson Composites sold the yacht division off. The company that own the Freedom Yacht name only makes powerboats under the Legacy name today.

Gary Hoyt lives in R.I. He is still working with niche designs and rigging innovations.
Gary Mull died in 1994 at age 55 from cancer. One of the plain looking boats that just passed you is probably of his many designs.
Ron Holland started apprenticed under Gary Mull, he still designs yachts including the 247' superyacht Mirabelle. See
David Pedrick has many fines boats to his credit including Cup winners.
Eric Sponberg was an inhouse engineed at freedomyachts for a number of years, he still build unstayed masts. See
1997 Freedom 40/40
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Re: Freedom Model List

Postby VeloFellow » Fri Apr 11, 2014 11:44 pm

Freedom 28 Cat Ketch Centeboard and attached keel models.

Reading at in his list of designs the Freedom 28 is not included
I noticed on the wikipedia site this list of Freedom Models.
Here, the F28 Cat Ketch does not have a year of manufacture and the design credit is Hoyt and Jay Paris.
The F30 Cat Ketch, the F28 as it is known in England just has the Hoyt design tag.

Does anyone know numbers produced in Rhode Island and Hamble of each type, Centerboard or Fixed keel?
One of the Freedom 28 CK believe was built in 1979. One English F28 cat ketch listed as one of the last served, says 1990.

The Freedom 28 does look a bit like a baby 40. The heritage seems present.
Trying to gather the history of the boat. Curious as to the conversation that lead to the 1979 design of the Freedom 28.
It has been fun to have the original owner come forward and relate the boats earyl years.
I thank all the Freedom owners and previous owners for sharing what they know.

s/v Clave'
Freedom (30 UK) 28 CK CB
1981 Hamble Fairways Marine.
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s/v Clave'
1981Freedom 28
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Re: Freedom Model List

Postby ketch22 » Sat Apr 12, 2014 1:09 am

Somehow, the F39 Express missed the list. The F39 Express and the F39 pilothouse shared the same hull, but are radically dis-similar in all other respects.

Tom Marlow
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Re: Freedom Model List

Postby midnightsailor » Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:12 pm

Nice to a comprehensive list of the many Freedom designs. I can confirm that there is at least on deepdraft fin keel/tall rig F-33 Cat Ketch.
1982 Freedom 33 Cat Ketch, Hull # 53, Standard Booms, deep keel ,tall rig
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