Marelon Valve Replacement

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Marelon Valve Replacement

Postby Camino » Thu Sep 06, 2018 6:55 pm

I have Forespar Marelon valves as thru-hulls on my F35 Pedrick. The po had cable tied all the thru-hulls in the open position. I removed all the cable ties except for the 3/4" water intake to the electric head. For some unknown reason I left that cable tie intact. Of curse I would work that valve every time I was on the boat and me, myself, and I eventually cracked the valve housing. The cracked valve would leak pretty good in the open position and leak slowly in the closed position. I called a boatyard for an estimate - about $735 for haul, breaking out the old valve and replacement - 2 hours of work. Yard said they didnt do replacement parts.

I emailed Forespar with pics of valve - got their part number - they sent me instructions on replacement the valve in the water - so for $85 (part and shipping) I replaced the valve in the water - sweet. The handle have a white plug - plug fits into the hull-side of the thru-hull. Insert the plug with a string on it and work on the valve. Pull the string and done.

Pic at top shows new assembly. White plug is seen with loop. Bottom pic is cracked valve removed.

Im sure you all know that but it was sweet news to me!
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