storm sail on a F30 CK?

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Re: storm sail on a F30 CK?

Postby seadago » Thu Jan 03, 2019 10:50 pm

Castaway wrote:... we never use the medium one (which my daughter christened the 'sh*tsail')....

:lol: :lol: :lol:
Yep, my thoughts exactly. That's what it is!

But I agree with you. I can lower my wishbone boom sufficiently (which I would do anyway, in a heavy blow, to minimise windage) to avoid interference on any lines from the trysail. It is an elegant solution.

I have one heavy padeye on the coach roof, forward of the forward hatch. I cant install any additional padeye elsewhere as my coachroof is totally covered with solar panels. Gerald, your sail is of a substantial size. I was thinking of something perhaps half the sq footage. As mentioned, just to provide adequate steering and manoeuvrability in a blow and heavy sea. I have a lot of dacron from the recut of from my old double-ply sails. Maybe I can have one made with that material at a reasonable cost, and try it for size. If I can beg borrow or steal one of those sexy trysails, I can also trial that.

Anyway Gents, you contribution much appreciated! Will proceed and report on progress.


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