Advice on buying a 36/38 ketch or cat-rigged sloop

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Advice on buying a 36/38 ketch or cat-rigged sloop

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Hi, I am brand new to your forum but have been reading the great posts here for some time as I have been trying to decide on what boat to buy. It seems the Freedoms keep drawing me back and I hear good things about them. I hope I am posting this in the correct forum....

I have looked at a couple of 32s and a 36 cat-ketch without the scoop, which I really want. I plan to look at another cat-ketch and a cat-rigged sloop next week. If you had your druthers, which would you choose?

I see the sloop has a 505 sq ft main and the tiny jib is mainly there to keep the main from stalling. The main on the ketch is 420 sf and the mizzen is 262 sf. The PHRF for the sloop is around 141 and the ketch average is 150. I assume the cat ketch does not point as high as the sloop, but it might be better balanced in higher winds. Is this correct? What else would I notice?

Also, for those who installed a sugar scoop after their purchase, was this "easy" to do? Estimate on cost?

I plan to race in San Fran Bay and multi days offshore. Would also like to do some longer cruising.


Kynntana, Freedom 38

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