Last Race of 2013

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Last Race of 2013

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Browns Creek Sailing Association held its last race of 2103 today. It was a pursuit race which means instead of all the boats starting together and then times being corrected for handicap at the finish; the handicaps are figured at the start with the slowest boat starting first and the fastest boat last. Theoretically all the boats should finish together.

My Freedom21 was the slowest boat so I started 5 min 30+ sec ahead of the next fastest boat (Morgan24) and 29 min ahead of the fastest boat (Elliott770). In light air (less than 4 knots) the Morgan24 caught me at about 3 miles. The winds started to build at mile 5 and were piping at 12 knots gusting to 18 knots at Short Creek Light (mile . From Short Creek light it was a 6 mile down wind run to Lower Guntersville Light (LGL). I was single handing and the wind was strong enough that under spinnaker and main I was planing my 2200 pound, 21 foot boat for about 2 miles. I rounded LGL to port and had a 2 mile beam reach to the finish.

The Morgan24 finished 19 min. ahead of me (I think there is something wrong with his handicap!). I held off the rest of the fleet finishing about 30 seconds ahead of the Eliott770 who had started the race last. I began the 16 mile race at 11:57 and finished at 15:08.

1st Morgan24
2nd Freedom21
3rd Eliott770
4th S2 7.9
5th Bennatau 235
6th Almond31
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