Beaten by a Freedom 25

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Beaten by a Freedom 25

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Hey All,
I was racing last weekend on a Westerly GK33 during the RSYC double handed race in the Solent. I am a bit of a traitor as I own freedom 33 cat sloop, but never consider it fast enough to race so save her for cruising. We were doing well, until this Freedom 25 romped past us in light airs under spinnaker flown from the gun mount. I can honestly say I was admiring her as she zoomed past us at 2knots (when we were doing 1knot also under spinnaker that was barely filling ). Anyway, she won the race, by some excellent sailing and of course having a great boat. The race was mostly downwind as it was variable, under 9knots to 0 knots so made for a Freedom with its easy gybing and simple spinnaker hoists. Hats off to the Freedom owner of Squirrel and his partner. Very cool. 8-)

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Re: Beaten by a Freedom 25

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Many thanks Crossjack,
'Squirrel' did go well that day, 6kts and down wind for most of the race, it was going to be our day !, The Gun mout is very handy for short handed sailing, has its limitations, but when its up handling is very simple.

Have to say your GK 33 is a real 'looker', would like to take a look over her one day.
Regards and happy sailing.

Squirrel, F25

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