I like to introduce ourselves

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I like to introduce ourselves

Post by judybuddy »

Hi everyone!

My name is Buddy and my wife's name is Judy, hence the username of judybuddy.

About a week ago while searching for our next boat I came across the Freedom 45CC and I did what no boat buyer should do, I fell in love. So I read as much as I could, checked out all the photos and videos on the web and spent last night reading this sites search results for 45CC. I learned a lot and want to thank everyone for the contributions they have made here. Your questions and comments are very helpful to owners and folks looking to buy, thanks.

We are after our 7th boat, 41 Roughwater, 36 Islander Freeport "A" plan, Gemini 105MC, 36 Islander Freeport "B" plan, Hunter 420, Hunter Passage 450.

Dream boat used to be the Nordsail One, which I checked out in person in San Diego, absolutely loved it. Then the dream boat was the Southerly 57RS in NC, used to be 1495 and is now 995, you probably know how many zeros to add. Well my numbers never won anything, so back to the real world.

Needless to say the F45CC is the dream boat now. I looked at the cat ketches and the 40 footer Freedoms, but the 45CC remains the boat we are after.

With that being said, if you are considering selling yours, know someone who might, know of one somewhere that is not listed, please let me know.

You can PM me and once I figure how to put my phone number in my profile, please feel free to call me. I will make the purchase fast and painless with the normal hoops, acceptable personal inspection, acceptable sea trial, acceptable survey, acceptable boat history report. If your boat is listed with a broker and you did not have the "open listing agreement with them" I will have to bring in my broker on the deal. I have been with him over 25 years and I told him that when I buy the next boat and it is with a broker I will have him work the deal with/for me. If you listed with a broker and have a " open listing agreement with him" (which means you can sell it on your own to someone who he has not shown it to, then you are not obligated to him in any manner, just make absolutely sure you do not tell him the name of your buyer, until he has provided you with a signed and dated list of the clients he has shown her to), then it will be you and me and the escrow company that I choose.

Shoal draft, furling main are at the moment required. However I am flexible on the furling main.

Wish Judy and me luck on finding our Freedom 45CC! I enjoy reading your forum, I look forward to meeting some of you as time goes on and hopefully becoming friends!

Happy New Year everyone!


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Re: I like to introduce ourselves

Post by lewharve »

we got a freedom 45 a couple years ago. it needs work but for a live aboard it is very comfortable. it is a well built and designed boat. I like ours better than any I have been aboard
it does have a full baton main so no furling
it is a balsa core
but as a luxury boat there is a lot to maintain
good luck but you will love owning one,

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