Main ground sink for F36?

Main ground sink for F36?

Postby Kdawgsrf » Mon Feb 27, 2017 7:39 pm

I have just looked at 2 F36 boats. Within the bilge area aft, on one boat there was a hefty ground strap and a large copper nut covering same at a place where one of the single stainless keel bolts protrudes. On the second boat this location contained a completely rusted to near granules small strap and small wire coming off it.
The condition of the other keel bolts on boat one was very little brown rusty bubbles adhering . On boat two all keel bolts had a significant level of brown rusty bubbles goo adhering.
Any comments vis a vis grounding on these boats that have basically only one standing rigging wire forward ( ie no multiple shrouds and stays as in the majority.y of boats out there)
I am mystified at the moment. Any help to figure this out would be great appreciated.
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