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RSS Newsfeeds

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Basically RSS is a way to see new posts to web sites without having to connect to them. When you connect to a web site that has a RSS feed, you'll see an orange icon with curved white bars in it located in or around the URL address bar. If you click on the RSS icon, it will show you a list of the current posts to the web site. You can then click on "subscribe", which tells your browser to remember that feed. Once you've subscribed you can view the updates to the web site without connecting to the web site.

For example, I use FireFox for a browser. I click on Bookmarks/Bookmarks Toolbar, and it shows me a list of RSS feeds that I've subscribed to. In this case I place my cursor over and it shows me a list of all of the topics with new updates! As you might expect, you can click on a topic title and it'll take you to that discussion.

Internet Explorer is a bit different. Using MSIE I click on the star (favorites) icon and then pick "feeds". It shows me a list of feeds that I've subscribed to and how long ago the feed was last updated. If you press the refresh icon it will bring it up to date. I can click on the feed name and it shows me the full text of the posts, sorted by time, title, etc.

-- Geoff

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