F38 forward tank

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F38 forward tank

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I'm about to purchase a 38 and I see it has a water tank u der the V berth in addition to the standard one u der the starboard settee. How do you fill the forward tank? I have not seen any valving. Any hints? Thanks in advance

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Re: F38 forward tank

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I don't believe that was factory installed. A P.O. Could have put it in any number of ways. Just trace the piping.
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Re: F38 forward tank

Post by Belanich »

The tank under the v-brith might be a waste holding tank. That's what was installed on my F38 by a PO until it was removed because of odor. Check if there is a valve spliting the pump out hose.
Michael Belanich

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Re: F38 forward tank

Post by svnirvana »

We are live aboards and want to add at least a 40 gallon water tank under the v-berth in our ‘88 F36 (our original owners manual shows the very-far forward region of the storage area under the v-berth as the location for an optional 40 gallon tank).
To install I don’t believe another deck fill fitting needs to be added. In my old C&C the two separate tanks were simply connected by a hose near the bottom of each and near the top of each (presumably to let the air out of the second tank as water flowed into it. Does anyone have any advise on how to build, secure, and pipe such an additional tank? Or photos of how it was done if your boat came with the optional tank already installed? Thanks, Will and Tasha, sv Nirvana, South Portland Maine

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Re: F38 forward tank

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Quite some time ago (2006) we installed an additional sewage holding tank under the v-berth in our 1990 F38. Although I don't recall the size at the moment it was around 32 gal. We purchased a roto-molded tank from https://ronco-plastics.com/product-category/boat-tanks/. The biggest trick was figuring out which tank fit through the doorway into the v-berth. This turned out to be a smaller tank than would fit under the berth, which provided less capacity than I would have liked, but left a bit of usable storage on top of the tank. I wound up making a cardboard mock up of the tank to make sure I could get it into the forward cabin. As it was a sewage holding tank I wanted a single tank for obvious reasons ;-) For water you might be able to put in two 1/2 tanks as the plumbing is much smaller and any potential leaks wouldn't cause as much excitement.
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