Galley faucet F32

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Galley faucet F32

Postby Equinox » Sun Aug 25, 2013 3:22 pm

Hi. I have a leaky faucet in my galley on my Freedom 32. Has anyone changed this before? What is the best way to do so? Can a regular slop sink faucet be used?
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Re: Galley faucet F32

Postby Rick Simonds » Sun Aug 25, 2013 5:09 pm

I just got done fixing mine a few months ago when I got a new freshwater pump. The manufacturer is Central Brass. The guys at the plumbing store tell me that this is actually a fairly good faucet. Replacement valve cartridges are available, but they aren't all that common and anyone will have to order them from Central Brass. Mine were about $18 each, one cartridge for the hot and one cartridge for the cold, $36.00. I figured out the part number by taking the cartridge to Home Depot. They have a book there that shows all of the cartridges available. I could match up the cartridge I had in my hand to the pictures in the book. Home Depot would have had to order it so I tried the plumbing store, but they had to order it too.

There is also an o-ring in  the spigot part that should be replaced. I just had the spigot with me and dug around in the parts at the plumbing store until I found the right one.

If you want to change the fixture itself its in a fairly tough spot for access. Maybe a basin wrench could reach it but it looks to me like the easiest way would be to remove the sink just to get to the underside of the faucet fixture. I'm saving that project for another day, and that day is pretty far into the future.

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