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Freedom 40/40 taking on water only while engine running

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 12:10 pm
by jlodolce
We had an issue last summer with our 1995 Freedom 40/40 #16 taking on water only while engine was running. When sailing, there was no problem. While under power, water was pouring into the bilge from somewhere. The dripless was not leaking. No water coming in from engine cooling system. All thru-hull fittings were fine. Water was actually pouring in, and it appeared to be coming from somewhere aft. It was a mystery.

Finally we took everything out of the rear lazarette and found that the scupper hoses from the helm wheel well to aft outlet (under the swim platform) were rotted out. When the boat was under power, she sits back, so the scupper outlet is below the waterline causing water to pour into the bilge. When sailing, the scupper outlet is above the waterline, hence no water in the scupper hoses and no leakage. Replacing the scupper hoses fixed the problem.

My suggestion is that if your boat is of a similar vintage that you check these hoses and replace them if there is any question. There is a lot more pressure inside them than I ever realized.

Re: Freedom 40/40 taking on water only while engine running

Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2020 5:09 pm
by RadioZephyr
I actually had a similar problem on my F38 last season, though on a much smaller scale. On the F38 the cockpit drain hoses go to 2" Marelon thru-hulls, which are just aft and inboard of the side deck drains, and the emergency bilge pump outlet and propane locker drain on the port side. Last season I replaced the rest of these thru-hulls with Marelon, since they used plain nylon from the factory, which had gotten brittle after years of UV. However, I left the cockpit drains in place (though I put in new hoses).

Fast forward to a long downwind sail from Boston to Maine a couple months later. We decide to hoist the spinnaker, and upon retrieval from the cockpit locker, I discover that it's wet! Turns out, the culprit was the 27-year-old Marelon fitting that I'd left in place. While underway, the hoses all fill up as the stern is partially submerged, and if any of the fittings are cracked, they'll leak. Mine had a crack in the threads, just above the nut, and water could very slowly ooze through. Finally replaced it last week, as well as the PVC coupling and nipple that screws onto it to take the hose. Lesson learned: it pays to just replace everything!

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Re: Freedom 40/40 taking on water only while engine running

Posted: Mon Apr 27, 2020 12:20 pm
by gamayun
After tracking down multiple avenues for leaks over the years, this past weekend, I realized that a small weep is coming from the starboard cockpit drain fitting. They've never been replaced since I've owned Kynntana for the past 7 years and they look original. She turned 32 on Saturday so I'd say they are due.