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Link Navigation

Post by katorpus »

I've noted that, on many web pages, clicking a link to another site results (automatically) in opening that site in a "new tab" while leaving the window to the originating page open (as opposed to closing the current tab/window and moving on to the new URL).

Is there an admin setting on the board that will do this? I realize that it is "easy enough" to right click the link and TELL Internet Explorer to open a new tab (or window either), but it would be more convenient to have this be the default. It seems (more and more) that many sites now "lock out" the "back" button (once you've gotten to them), requiring one to open "history" and navigate back to where you started in the first place. I detest this.

The new tab/window (obviously) enables one to surf around through the deeper portions of whatever website is linked and still return to the board when "done".

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Re: Link Navigation

Post by GeoffSchultz »

Not that I've seen. I will also point out that the <a target="_blank"> tag, which causes the page to open in a new window, has been depreciated and supposedly won't function in new browsers. However, I like the functionality. QUite often I don't want people navigating away from my site to some other site to whom I have a link. Most people have no idea about control-clicking a link to force it to open in a new window.

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Re: Link Navigation



I have also noted that on some PHPBB forums the links open in a new tab while some navigate away in the same tab.

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