Bow Protector

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Bow Protector

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As part of my anchor system update I made a pattern and had a bronze bow protector cast. The pattern is approx 3/16" in thickness, with the corners around 1/4" or so. Three sections were sand cast separately and then welded together. It was pretty easy to polish up and reasonably easy to install. I used SiB lag bolts to attach the finished piece to the bow. It is approximately 5ft long and extends below the waterline. I am done and the pattern is available if you want to duplicate this. If you want, I also had a SiB anchor roller made and cast a support strut. The anchor roller is 1/4" plate, pattern is in CAD for water jet cutting. It was designed to be used with a 45 lbs Ultra anchor but similar anchors will likely fit. Finally, because I wanted everything on the bow to be bronze, I cast two bronze cleats using a 10" New Found Metal Cleat/chock as a pattern. So I have one st. steel cleat available, too.

There is no reason the roller could not be made of stainless steel, and a real foundry could cast the bow protector in st. steel, too (I did the work at a local art shop and we were pretty low tech). This is available in SF but could be shipped.

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Re: Bow Protector

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Hey Erik. It's nice to see this is all done. What a fantastic job! Hope you've been able to get out on the bay.

Kynntana, Freedom 38

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