Tilted SSB Antenna

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Tilted SSB Antenna

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I was recently corresponding with an individual regarding reefing points and sent him a back-lit photo of the sails. While I was looking at it, I realized how much the whip SSB antenna is tilted backwards (about 10 degrees), and was wondering what effect that tilt would have.


I regularly use the SSB for e-mail via SailMail, with no problems. When I'm in the NW Caribbean, I'm a network controller and/or a weather guy for the NW Caribbean Net (which covers from Panama to the Gulf of Mexico), and people have always commented what a strong signal I have.

The tilt is due to the stand-off from the rail. I'm wondering if I'd have a better signal if I were to put a block at the base and make it vertical?

-- Geoff
1997 Freedom 40/40

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