Replacing battery cables

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Replacing battery cables

Post by hdjoe »

Can anyone advise how tough a job it is to replace battery cables on a 32 foot Hoyt mod boat? I was advised by marina mechanic it is a big job and takes 8-10 hrs. Thanks for any advice..

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Re: Replacing battery cables

Post by brico »

I love tradesmen...."Everything is hard and difficult, hence you will pay through your nose." :x

I am not familiar with your boat and the location of batteries. Battery cables are pretty big in size and can be replaced if required as long as you use the tracing line to pull the new one in once the old one is out. I hope they are not secured with cable ties somewhere where you can not see or can not acess, otherwise it is pretty straight forward job.
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Re: Replacing battery cables

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It's hooey. The part leading into the compartment under the steps is awkward but do-able, access to the rest of the run of cables is nearly wide open. Crimping the cables will take as long as running them. Half that amount of time is enough (even applying the First Rule of Sailboat Upgrade: "It takes twice as long and costs twice as much.")


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Re: Replacing battery cables

Post by rvivian »

I just finished relocating the batteries and installing new battery cables on my F-30.

It is not a difficult project.

Some part of the time required will depend on how many batteries you have to connect up; but if you are just replacing the cables you can either buy ready made battery cables and bolt them on or you can buy cables, lugs, and heat shrink, make up new cables and then bolt them on.
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Re: Replacing battery cables

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I own a F32, can not possibly see how it could take 8-10 hrs plenty of room.
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