eMarine Solar Rail Lights

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eMarine Solar Rail Lights

Post by GeoffSchultz »

In Mexico lots of people use solar powered lights to mark their boats in anchorages as panga drivers have a habit of not looking up for anchor lights. I was just told that using these is becoming common on the east coast also.

I recently purchased some solar powered rail lights from eMarine Solar. They're junk! If you're even tempted about getting them, read my review before throwing your money away.

http://www.geoffschultz.org/Log_Page.ph ... il%20Light

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Re: eMarine Solar Rail Lights

Post by 1980raven »

Two summers ago on Block Island. My son used 4 that were garden variety landscape lights purchased here at Ocean State Job Lot. They lasted over a year and cost less than $30 for all four. They were definitely not marine grade.
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Re: eMarine Solar Rail Lights

Post by midnightsailor »

Boy,they sure looked good on their webpage! Thanks for the warning.
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Re: eMarine Solar Rail Lights

Post by hxschiller »

On the topic of inexpensive rail lights. I bought a inexpensive lawn light at the local Walmart about 4 years ago. It has served at the top of my outboard piling through 3 hurricanes and required only a replacement battery about 2 years ago. The environment is sheltered, but water is brackish. I believe if you purchase a quality lawn solar light (inspect it carefully), they can be adapted for rail light use, and will be reasonably durable in that environment

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