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Saved drafts

Postby sward » Sat Jan 03, 2009 10:19 am

I know this has been spoken about, but I still don't understand. I have relpied twice to my posting. Once, I think it must not have gone right-I clicked on send-nothing. The second time, I clicked on save so I wouldn't loose it again, and low and behold I have lost it!! I don't see anything that say's load. It's just gone-do you have it Geoff?

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Re: Saved drafts

Postby admin » Sat Jan 03, 2009 10:39 am

I was able to find your saved reply in the "drafts" database table. Here's a copy of it:

Thanks Geoff,

*I have 3 solar panels 85W each
*I am usually in warmer climates-in Vero Beach, FL right now-headed to the Bahama's
*I live aboard
*When I was away for Christmas the batteries were fine using solar with the fridge turned off
*When the water and temp's are cooler the fridge works fine
*My batteries are golfcart-T105's. There are 4 total and are relatively new and have been tested and are in good shape
*It is the original AdlourBarbour system
*I called a refrigerator repair man and he said that if there is frost on the evaporator and not on the condensor it is working fine and that these systems run all the time.
*I understand these systems take 5 amps/hour and the solar panels can't keep that up.
*I don't have room on my rail for a wind generator

All this leads me to believe that the insulation around the box is bad. I have looked at possibilities to get to it and spray insulation in (I know about expansion with this stuff). There isn't any room beside the box to put anything. The only thing I can see (with confering with a friend) is to take the box out and take out all the old insulation which i'm sure is bad and replacing it with newer rigid foam insulation with a higher R rating, to resolve that issue. And while I'm at it, install a new refrigeration system. After all, when in a house we have to replace these things every 25 years too.

This has been a problem for a long time, however, a new situation has arrisen that has proved to be another issue here. My battery charger died so I've had to run the engine to charge the batteries. Well, I've been fighting a loosing battle since the engine is right next to the fridge, and there isn't any insulation in the engine compartment, I have been thawing the fridge while trying to charge the batteries to keep it cool!! (I'm at a mooring and when the solar isn't enough, I run my Honda generator to charge the batteries.)

I think I have answered all your questions and spoken to all issues.

Dream On

However, you don't need to cut and paste the above info. To retrieve your saved post, go to the post where you were replying and click on "Post Reply." Then clock on the "Load" button which is to the right of "Preview Submit Save". You'll then see a blank reply box, but above that you'll see a list of saved drafts. It will show the date/time that you saved the draft, the topic title, and a link to right labeled "Load Draft". Click on "Load Draft" and what you saved will appear in the reply text box.

-- Geoff
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