Mull F30 Hull #3 Mast Dimensions

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Mull F30 Hull #3 Mast Dimensions

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For posterity, Here are are various dimensions based on my measurements with mast out of boat.

Top of crane plate to deck at partners 42 feet 8 inches

Top of crane to top of Jib/spinnaker halyard plate (not box, the support plate surrounding box) 13 feet 9 inches

jib/spinnaker Halyard plate dimensions 10 inches top to bottom (did not measure side to side...oops)

jib/spinnaker halyard BOX dimensions 6 inches high by 1.5 inches wide centered in plate

distance form bottom of halyard plate to top of mast gooseneck bulge 23 feet 6 inches

Mast circumference measured at TOP of HALYARD plate 22 inches

Mast outside diameter at base of mast 9 inches

mast wall thickness at base of mast 1/2 inch

mast ring 2 and 1/2 inches high

spartight wedge 3 inches high

The rest can be measured with mast in boat.
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