double surface dacron weight

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double surface dacron weight

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I am considering reducing the gauge of my main and mizz'n on F-33 wrap around sails. Has anyone tried this? Please no "theorists" or "conjecture". I have plenty of that myself and from Freedom's original NA, including free body diagrams and calculations. I'm really hoping to hear from someone who's actually achieved, or attempted to reduce this to practice with lighter cloth weight.
thanks in advance !

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Re: double surface dacron weight

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Did u get new sails with lighter fabric?? I'm getting new sails in the next year and very curious about the wrap arounds since I have a F33 CK with wishbone booms.
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Re: double surface dacron weight

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I have successfully cut down the weight of the sails by having a zipped pocket around the mast and single ply aft of the first 2 metres. It works well, can easily be reefed and has about 2/3rds of the weight, even with the zip. The cloth is a little lighter than the previous sails (not original). They were very heavy and also somewhat baggy, having been raced across the Atlantic a number of times. I used the same headboards on the new sails, of a style known as "GT" in the UK, which gave a larger sail area.

The zipped pockets have weathered being reefed in gale force winds, without problems, and show no sign of damage after six seasons' use.

What weight of fabric do your present sails have?


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