weight of F28 cat ketch masts

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weight of F28 cat ketch masts

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Does anyone know the weight of the masts for the Cat Ketch 28. I have seen some photos with them on trailers but seems that it may require a hoist to restep mast, or is this something one or two people could do and in fact make this a trailerable boat? Just thought it interesting and I don't have the slightest on how much they weigh. Thanks

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Re: weight of F28 cat ketch masts

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I have stepped and un-stepped both mast on my F28 several times. I use a 24 foot A-frame to complete the job. The masts are around 180/200 lbs I would guess. It is not something one can do without the help of a crane or an A- frame like I used. I trailer my F28. (boat is available)

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