Anyone know the weight of a F25 wing mast?

Anyone know the weight of a F25 wing mast?

Postby johncd3141 » Mon Apr 16, 2018 8:30 pm

Hi, I have an F25 with a wing mast and it's time to pull the mast for painting and replacing the wiring and sheaves. I've got a few questions to help my planning.

How much does the F25 wing mast weigh?

Relative to the deck where is the center of mass of the mast? I have to make sure the lifting line is secured to the mast above this point. I'm assuming that I can run a series of half hitches down the mast, securing the end of lifting line under the vang's attachment point.

Is the sheet of PTFE for the upper mast bearing 1/16"? Or some other thickness? How large of a sheet should I obtain?

Anyone have a part number for conical roller bearing at the base of the mast?

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Re: Anyone know the weight of a F25 wing mast?

Postby peaceandfreedom » Tue Apr 17, 2018 9:45 am


If I remember correctly, the mast weighs around 165 Lbs. I used a 20 foot A frame to step and un-step the mast. Somewhere I have pictures of my setup. Center of gravity is around 16 feet from the base of the mast. I have a more exact number somewhere.

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