Freedom 32: Camber Spar Setup & Issues

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Freedom 32: Camber Spar Setup & Issues

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Hi everyone,

We have use of Freedom 32 for the summer and have little experience with the rigging. I was hoping the community could us out. We believe we are rigging the camber spar and jib correctly but was hoping someone could point us to a guide and some pictures. When we tack the boat the spar isn't flipping in the sail pocket and we're having to go forward on the deck and manually flip it over. Can anyone offer some help?

#2: The forestay wire doesn't connect to the deck direct. The end of the forestay has a small rope which is tied to the anchor on the bow but I don't believe it is allow proper tension on the forestay. How is this suppose to be setup?

#3: The nylon wheel on the forward end of the camber spar is all chewed up and what's weird is it doesn't look it can be replaced without replacing the entire piece that sleeves into the tip of the spar?

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Re: Freedom 32: Camber Spar Setup & Issues

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Forestay should be attached to the deck fitting and have no tension. It’s just for hanking on the jib. The camberspar should have a metal bracket that holds it in place on the stay. A bolt goes through the sail grommet, the bracket and then the hole in the wheel and continues out the other side. If it’s not flipping try lubing it.
I’ll try to get you some pics later in the week.
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