Questions about Pedrick 35

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Questions about Pedrick 35

Post by jsnellgrove »

Hey everyone,

I am new to the forum and have a few miscellaneous questions. My wife and I are very interested in the Pedrick designed Freedoms (the 35 and 40/40).
I have spent quite a bit of time researching the boats but had a few questions.

Is a carbon fiber mast more susceptible to lightning?

The boats were designed for cruising. I am interested to hear from owners if they feel the boats are true passage makers/blue water boats. Particularly the 35.

I have read that the 1st reef on the 40/40's is not very useful. Many owners simply go straight to a 2nd reef when needed. Is this true for the 35's as well?

Lastly, does anyone have any experience with the wing keel vs the fin keel versions? I read an article that stated the difference in performance was nominal between the two (I believe the article was about the F45).

Any info would be greatly appreciated. If any of these topics have already been addressed just let me know where the thread is.

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Re: Questions about Pedrick 35

Post by Camino »

Hello and welcome. I have had my f35 Pedrick for a yr and a quarter. 6 months of that the boat was on the hard with deck work 4 months were in upgrading electronics and rigging.... so I have not had this boat out the golden gate yet to see how she does in a seaway ... soon however... PO brought her from Chesapeake to SF. As to blue water cruising IDK? Sea berths may be a concern - aft cabin is great but probably not in a seaway. Rigging Lee clothes on the settees could work if you removed the back cushions to get more room when you sleep. Good for 2. I have the wing keel and love the balance Good sailing boat even to windward with right sail combos. Great off the wind or most reach conditions. Don’t know about lightening and the cf mast. Reefing depends on sail condition. I have new mainsail. First reef can go in upwind at 20 kts just fine. Second reef I tried at 23 kts last week and with headsail reefed also (self tending, 90%) was upwind at 6.5 kts and downwind at 7.5. With headsail furled away upwind I dropped to 3.5 kts. I have been lit up before on a boat with an aluminum mast so........

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Re: Questions about Pedrick 35

Post by Salacia »

1- IMHO, lightning will go where it wants to. If you get struck, the difference in mast material will be insignificant. (This is not scientifically backed up.)
2- For most off shore races, the rerquirement is that the companionway be sealed up to the scheer line, where the sides meeet the deck. Obviously this is to help if, (when) you take water over the boat. Other than that, she is well thought out and built.
3- Yes, rig lee cloths.
I agree with Camino on the other points.
Stephen Lee
F35 Pedrick
Marblehead MA and Rockland ME

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